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Christmas Party Games

Affordable and Fun Christmas Party Games

  1. Blindfold Giftwrap
    - This Christmas party game involves you blindfolding two volunteers. Have them stand at a table with a number of small, unwrapped presents, sticky tape and ribbon. They each have to wrap, tape and tie with ribbon two or three presents blindfolded. The neatest wrapper wins. You could also divide the guests into two groups and have them all have a go.
  2. Christmas Gift List
    - Ask the guests to write their name vertically down the side of a piece of paper. Give them a few minutes to write Christmas gifts starting with each letter, beside each letter. Try to make up as many as possible beginning with each letter. The guest with the greatest number wins the prize.
  3. Clumsy Fingers
    - Divide your party guests into two teams. Have two pairs of large rubber gloves (washing-up type) or large men's gloves. Put plenty of wrapped sweets into two paper bags. The first person in each line has to put the gloves on, take a sweet from the bag, unwrap it and put it in their mouth. If they drop the sweet on the floor they have to start again. They then have to take off the gloves, and pass them to next person on the team. The team that finishes first wins the prize.



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