Christmas Recipes

Do you want to make this Christmas the most memorable yet (for all the right reasons)? If so, then Xmas Recipes has the solution for you.

Within these pages, you will find dozens of tried-and-tested xmas recipes for Christmas dinner, lunch, dessert and snack items. Many of these are timeless classics, while others represent riskier, more original creations. These recipes could help to transform any family Christmas get-together into a truly special occasion.

By the way, since Christmas is the season for sharing, if you have a special recipe that you would like to share with the community, please feel free to use our handy submission form to send it through to us for inclusion on this website. Have a very special Christmas!!!

Classic Egg Nog

Find out how to add this traditional alcoholic beverage to your festive table this Christmas. View recipe now >>

Baked Ham

Along with turkey, this dish forms the cornerstone of many family dinners on December 25 View recipe now >>

Boiled Fruit Cake

End the perfect evening by filling in the few gaps that remain in your guests' stomachs with this eternal dessert item. View recipe now >>


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