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While Christmas certainly is a time of joy for young and old, there's one person in every family who is likely to approach the holiday with a certain sense of trepidation. That person is the party host.

Holding a successful Christmas party takes a great deal of preparation, sensitivity and effort and though the rest of the family and other guests are likely to be willing to chip in with assistance in one form or another, it's still useful to know a few sure-fire Christmas party tips to help turn your event into a winner; without driving you to exhaustion in the process. The following collection of articles offers a wealth of practical advice to help you make the most of your time, budget and other resources in the lead up to Christmas, so that your concentration on the day only needs to be set on watching the smiles of your guests as they realise how blessed they have been to receive an invitation to such a successful event.

  • Tips for Decorating Your Home for Christmas Day
  • Tips for Avoiding Office Christmas Party Pitfalls
  • Christmas Games
  • How to Throw a Christmas Party




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